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Faction Rules

Hacked Clients

The use of hacked clients are strictly forbidden and will result in permanent username and IP ban.

AUTO Abusing

AFK Pools/Auto Fishing/Auto Clicking AFK Pools or similar designs that keep a player AFK are not allowed and will be removed by a staff member. This also applies to Auto Fishers. Using an auto clicker to afk mine/grind is not allowed, and will be treated the same as hacking.


This only applies to staff or server areas only, if you have found a way to destroy or raid a area that is clearly claimed by the server then you may be banned or have your faction disbanded.

Theft / Scamming

Theft of other player's items is allowed and encouraged in Factions only. "Insiding" is always allowed, and will never result in any punishment unless you break other rules while doing so.


DDoS Threats/Doxing We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow others to threaten each other with DDoS attacks or releasing their private information. This does not include jokes between friends, but does include frequent remarks such as "Your internet is about to lag" etc.


Advertising other servers or links to anywhere in chat messages or PM's will be a ban!

Pornographic Links

Any links which may lead to disturbing/pornographic sites are punishable with a 7 day temp ban for first offense. Links which may lead to ip loggers are punishable with a global ban. You can view if a link is safe or not with

IRL trading

IRL trading is allowed however, we do not recommend you partake in them, we are not held liable for any damages or scamming whatsoever, if you partake in a IRL trade you assume all of the risk and responsibility. This is not grounds for a refund, and if you do try to force a refund you will be banned.

Inappropriate Usernames

Extremely inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, we will first give a warning before a ban.

Offensive/Inappropriate Skins

Offensive or inappropriate skins are punishable with a ban until the skin is changed. Players will generally be given a chance to change the skin prior to ban, however this is not always a guaranteed warning.

Abusing Glitches/Bugs

The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Typically we generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs. Abusing a Glitch/Bug can result in a loss of your donor rank, disbanding of your faction, cleared inventory, destruction of your faction land, ban, loss of ability to appeal a ban, loss of ability to buy an unban, permanent negative power for you or your faction, and more. We take glitches and bugs very seriously, reporting them properly usually grants much more reward than abusing them and being caught.

Mute/Ban Evasion

This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for the punishment length on the main account. The punishment may also be extended due to the evasion.

Trolling Events

Purposely trying to troll staff, events, or players is not allowed.

Inappropriate Builds

Inappropriate Builds that are racist, or generally rude will not be allowed.

Abusing the report-a-player feature

Report abusing is not allowed, severity of the reports will decide the punishment.

Chunk Buffers

The Chunk Buffer is 25 Chunks.

Cannon Speed

All cannons must be 3 or more seconds.


B-Claiming is not allowed.


Insiding is not allowed, Insiding is defined as intetionally endangering or hurting your own faction, such as teleporting other people inside your base, offering your own faction's goods or services without their permission, selling large quantities of loot or stealing spawners from your faction without permission.

Corner Claims

A faction may only claim one corener at a time in any world.

Wall Patching

During an active raid, genbuckets and printer will be considered illegal to use while patching. A raid remains active for defenders 5 minutes after the last shot. Video proof must be provided if you wish to report someone for patching during an active raid, which must show the user witnessing the TnT explode and patching it within a 5 minute window afterwards.

Cannon Boxes

You may only have up to 3 chunks of walls surrounding your cannon box.

Illigal cannons

Any There are only a handful of cannon technologies that are outlawed on Longshot. If your cannon falls under any of these categories, it is considered illegal:
  • -Is capable of destroying more than one wall per button press.
  • -Preloading sand is fine as long as you only destroy one wall per button press.
  • -Exists for no other purpose than to generate lag. (Lag machines, overcomplicated cannons, and piston farms.)
  • -Is, or functions similarly to an AC130 cannon. (roof cannoning)
  • -Is, or functions similarly to a Flux Cannon.
  • -Any use of raid detectors by a third party software, or in-game detection methods is not allowed.
  • Players found abusing any of the illegal technology will be rewarded with a faction warning point. If it continues, we will begin banning all players involved. Please approach the management team if you have questions on whether your cannon is legal if you aren’t 100% sure. Punishments: If you are caught using the cannon, you will be banned for 1 days, the cannon will be completely removed, and any damage done to a faction’s base will be rolled back. If you are found with a potentially illegal cannon, you will receive a warning point and it will be broken.

    Illigal Defence

    Covering spawners in any block and watering it, as well as covering spawners in obsidian is illegal and will result in complete removal of the structure, including any spawners that were inside. All spawners must be ceggable once a base has been breached. Unraidable blocks, if found, should be reported immediately as a bug and to management. Failure to do so may result in additional punishment. Reporting issues and not taking advantage of them is the only way to keep yourself from being punished. Regeneration walls are not legal. If you find a way to create any type of self-repairing wall that uses water and lava in any manner, it will be removed and you will receive a faction warning. If you aren’t sure it’s legal, please check with the management team prior to building it on the main realms. Using obsidian superfluously to protect your spawners will result in those protection blocks being removed and a warning point being given. Examples of this are covering spawners completely except for a single block, using waters and doors to falsely say it’s ceggable, making a single line of trapdoors or other objects that require the user to use an excessive amount of creeper eggs to get to your spawners. . .

    F-Top Addendum:

    If you’re using “bases” to proliferate out your f-top value to the extreme and for the sake of making your value virtually “unraidable” - we will take action against you, which may include, but is not limited to the following:
  • -Complete removal (world edit out) of your base(s).
  • -Issue warning points to your faction.
  • -Disqualify your faction completely from the F-Top competition for the remainder of the season.
  • You may merge or split for the first week of grace period. Any other merging or splitting after grace period has ended will be considered illegal merging & splitting and will be punished accordingly. Please approach an administrator+ for specifics on what you can and can’t do if you aren’t 100% sure. If you were kicked or you left your faction, you may not bring any of that faction’s f-top value with you to a new faction. Please try to do this before the grace period ends in order to be considered for the f-top contest.

    Inpersonating Staff

    Tricking someone into thinking that you are a staff member or another player for personal gain or gain for your faction is not tolerated. This includes trying to obtain spawners, money, paypal, buycraft or valuable items. Any attempts to bypass this rule in any manner will result in immediate punishment.
  • -1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • -2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • -3rd Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban
  • Mute/ban Evasion

    Using alternate accounts is by all means allowed on our servers, but abusing alternate accounts to bypass a mute or a ban is a ban for that account. The use of VPNs are not allowed either to bypass your ban or mute.
  • -1st Offense (Ban Evasion): Permanent Ban
  • -1st Offense (Mute Evasion): Mute for the length of the first Mute
  • -2nd Offense (Mute Evasion): Permanent Ban
  • Cobble Monstering

    Any form of using lava and water to create a cobblestone structure, which was made to cause harm and frustration for the other faction.


    Doing BuyCraft deals for ridiculous amounts (for example $0.01 for 10 billion) is not allowed. Giving players or factions, faction value whether for free or in a loan, just to be boosted in faction value or to beat another faction in the weekly payout is considered payout boosting. Loans are not allowed, trades must be made in full at the time of the trade.

    Cobble Monstering

    Any form of using lava and water to create a cobblestone structure, which was made to cause harm and frustration for the other faction.

    Bypassing Fee

    Any form of bypassing the mining fee is not allowed and the spawners will be removed.

    Forging proof

    If you attempt to report a player with proof that you have edited or created in attempt to get them banned. Through means of photoshop, fake hacker, or any other means is not allowed.

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