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Welcome to the Longshot revamp 2.0! As Longshot first released back in May 2018, with many failed attempts of releasing the server, huge amounts of money gone to waste and all of our time and effort resulting in the biggest flop ever. We have finally gained enough experience to create something everyone will enjoy, we are now prepared to take on whatever comes at us and we're excited to keep moving forward and creating exciting and new content for all of you to enjoy.

Current Projects

Currently the most up to date project is the Mythical Realm, releasing with tons of new content for players to enjoy and explore, ranging from bedwars all the way to full RPG questing on massive maps.

Updated Website

Our forums and store have received many updates, and a little change in the UI to make it much cleaner and user friendly, all bugs have been fixed and is now fully usable. We have also added a portal page that lists all the statistics of each player for anyone to check.


We have decided to release Skyblock first to our community, Skyblock has received a huge update which improves the overall player experience, we've updated it to offer new content such as New themes, New builds, and loads of features that we know you will all enjoy. We have mastered every detail from economy, and ways people can become the best, we will also be updated Skyblock a lot of the upcoming few weeks including new content to keep things interesting and fun!


We will be hosting many events on our servers and discord to keep the community feeling fresh, many in-game events will be hosted (wait to see!), giveaways for in-game will also be hosted as frequent as possible and, discord giveaways will also be hosted.

See you in game, Larskei.

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