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Website Rules

Hacked Clients

The use of hacked clients are strictly forbidden and will result in permanent username and IP ban.


DDoS Threats/Doxing We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow others to threaten each other with DDoS attacks or releasing their private information. This does not include jokes between friends, but does include frequent remarks such as "Your internet is about to lag" etc. However threatening another player may result in a permanent ban from in game, our website, and our discord. In less severe cases you may also lose donor items as a result, or lose the ability to buy an unban.


Advertising other servers or links to anywhere in chat messages or PM's will be a warning!

Pornographic/Ip Grabbing Links

Any links which may lead to disturbing/pornographic sites are punishable with a 7 day temp ban for first offense. Links which may lead to ip loggers are punishable with a global ban. You can view if a link is safe or not with

IRL trading

IRL Trading for any items on our servers is allowed but comes with a MAJOR warning, as we do not support or recommend that you partake in IRL trades, this means that if you are scammed out of real money, or in game money we will not get involved and this is not a basis for a refund. If you partake in a IRL trade you assume 100% of the risk of being scammed.

Inappropriate Usernames

Extremely inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, we will first give a warning before a ban.

Offensive language/content

We try to keep a family friendly atmosphere, likewise this means forum posts and content posted is to remain PG.

Mute/Ban Evasion

This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for the punishment length on the main account.


Purposely trying to mislead, endanger, DOX, IP grab, or anything likewise will result in a permanent ban.

Inappropriate Posts

Inappropriate posts that are racist, politically argumentative, sexist, or likewise content will be removed, and you may have your in game account or discord banned as well.

Abusing the report-a-player feature

Report abusing is not allowed, punishment will be determined based on how badly this feature is abused, this may also result in bans extending into discord or in game as well.

Longshot Affiliation(s)

If you are affiliated with Longshot your terms are on request.

Purchases terms/conditions

If you purchase packages or items from our store you automatically agree to these terms regardless if you read them or not. - All sales are final, no refunds. - You will not file a chargeback with Paypal or with your card provider - If a refund is issued because of extenuating circumstances, you will have a 7 business day holding period before receiving said refund. - If you lose, or misuse a coupon resulting in losing it entirely we will not re-create it for you. - Abusing a glitch or coupon may result in a ban, or being blocked from any services related to longshot. - Abusing refund systems to gain an advantage to earn winnings may result in having said winnings taken away, or legal action to be taken.

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