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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Cxtter, Jul 11, 2021.

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    Jul 11, 2021
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    What server are you applying for?:
    What is your current Minecraft username?:
    If any, what are your previous IGN's?:
    Cxtter / different alts I use
    How old are you?:
    What is your timezone?:
    NA - EST
    Do you own a working microphone?:
    Are you able to record and speak when necessary?:
    Please provide your discord name and discriminator.:
    Have you ever been banned on another Minecraft server before?:
    For rage cheating thats pretty much it.
    Do you have previous experience with the process of screensharing? If you do, please explain to the best of your ability.:
    I have minimal experience, I have ss guides from the past and can find basic cheats but I wouldn't consider myself ss verified.
    Have you had any previous moderation experience in a business, Minecraft server, or even real life? If so, please list the servers, businesses, and work you've participated in.:
    Minecraft: TribalMC - Manager ; EnviousPvP - Manager ; FactionsHQ - SrAdmin ; RisingTide - Admin ; AcentraMC - Admin ; DevoutPvP - Mod ; OstiaPvP - Helper

    IRL: Worked for Chipotle for 7 months last year, currently working at a school supplies department, I also ref soccer and coach private training sessions for it on weekends.
    Why did you choose to apply for Longshot?:
    I really like the ideas this server has in place but I have felt that the staff team has always been lackluster or has had issues dealing with big situations. To my outsider knowledge it has felt like that but I really do feel the development team and ownership have great ideas for the future of factions / mc gamemodes and I would love to be a part of it.
    How will you becoming a member of the staff team positively effect the community?:
    I have an insane amount of playing and staffing experience as I have played with almost every single comp faction you can think of. I know lots of players in the community and have a great understanding of the game in general.
    What makes you a better candidate than the other applicants applying for a spot on the staff team?:
    I feel that I am way more professional than every single staff member you could possibly find and have lots of experience dealing with tough decisions in support rooms alone. I also am very good at advertising maps and getting factions to come play the servers I work with. This is again due to my many connections in the community.
    Who, or what, influenced you to apply for staff?:
    Mainly the Mythical gamemode interests me greatly and the many small ideas this server has for factions whether it be with rpost or shields. I really like everything that the development team has going and would love to help with the other half that needs worked on which would of course be the staff team itself.
    How long have you been apart of the Longshot community?:
    I have partially played one map but since longshot has fully released I have stopped actively playing factions for the most part so I never fully got to play a map. I have always been in and out of the discord itself though.
    Have you been issued any previous punishments on Longshot? If so, what were they?:
    By responding 'YES' to this following question you agree that by asking a staff member to read your application will result in an instant denial.:
    Finally, tell us a little about yourself.:
    I would say that my main skills would revolve around staff to player or staff to staff interactions. I am very good at organizing staff members, being professional, and getting factions to come play the server. I have lots of experience in making server rules as I have fully edited them on pretty much every server I have been apart of and have a very deep understanding of the game itself which gives me an edge when it comes to hosting maps. I have played and watched soccer/football my whole life and would be interested in the longshot program for the upcoming time period. I don't have much experience at all with development or console and as I said I have bare minimum experience when it comes to SSing as neither were things I had to deal with while I was staffing on my previous servers.

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