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Factions Vengeance | September 14th, 3pm EST | $1500 FTOP

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    I am very excited to announce the upcoming launch of Factions Vengeance! After many months of developing, bug fixing, and revamping we are finally happy to show our creation to the Minecraft community.

    14th September 2019
    3PM EST | 8PM BST | 12PM PST

    You can watch the trailer below to find out more about some new features we've introduced.

    Factions Top
    For the first map of Vengeance we will be having a total prize of $1500.
    All factions will be required to attach a PayPal account using /f setpaypal <email>. This is to automatically pay the winning faction teams of that week. This map will last for 4 weeks, including a 1 week grace period and 3 pay-outs which will occur once a week.

    #1 - $500 PayPal & $150 Buycraft
    #2 - $300 PayPal & $90 Buycraft
    #3 - $200 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
    #4 - $60 Buycraft
    #5 - $50 Buycraft
    #6 - $30 Buycraft
    #7 - $20 Buycraft
    #8 - $15 Buycraft
    #9 - $10 Buycraft
    #10 - $5 Buycraft

    $1000 PayPal | $500 Buycraft

    General Information
    Our Vengeance realm will be having a total of three worlds, which will have four corners in each of the worlds, totalling twelve corners.
    Each faction is only allowed to claim one corner

    During our one week grace period, the following things will be disabled:

    All form of explosions are disabled.
    Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
    Illegal claims on corners will be removed.
    The command /fps will be disabled.

    During the first hour of the map, the following will be disabled:
    Flying will be completely disabled.
    The command /wild will be disabled
    Everyone will be invisible at spawn.

    Players per faction: 75
    Power per player: 50
    Alts per faction: 30
    Force Invites: Not Allowed
    Allies: 0
    Buffer limit: 25 chunks
    Cannon Speed: 3 seconds
    Economy: Spawners & Farming

    Brand New Features will be listed in a separate post.

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