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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by IMakeCannons, Jul 21, 2021.

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    Jul 15, 2021
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    What server are you applying for?:
    What is your current Minecraft username?:
    If any, what are your previous IGN's?:
    How old are you?:
    What is your timezone?:
    Do you own a working microphone?:
    Are you able to record and speak when necessary?:
    Please provide your discord name and discriminator.:
    Have you ever been banned on another Minecraft server before?:
    Yes, but for nothing bad
    Do you have previous experience with the process of screensharing? If you do, please explain to the best of your ability.:
    I have been head of SS on FactionHQ as well as SS verified on around 6 other servers too.
    Have you had any previous moderation experience in a business, Minecraft server, or even real life? If so, please list the servers, businesses, and work you've participated in.:
    Arcadius/VerixPvP - Head Admin/Admin , Skullwars - SrAdmin , ViciousPvP - Admin , TribalMC - Admin , FactionHQ - Admin , TheOdyssey - Admin , DominionMC - SrMod
    Why did you choose to apply for Longshot?:
    I applied for longshot because it is really the only big server left in the factions community. I have been staffing on smaller servers that host 3 or 5 mans maps and I want a change to a bigger faction sized map. Another reason which made me choose longshot over others would be your current staff members. I know or have staffed with almost all your staff team so I think that I would have good chemistry and work well around the rest of the team.
    How will you becoming a member of the staff team positively effect the community?:
    I am respectful to everyone and I don't pick favorites. I help everyone and respond/help to everyone during my timezone whether its in game through helpop or if its in discord or tickets. I also believe that if you bring me onto the team, then the players would respect the staff team more as I look into something until it is done or deal with situations quickly.
    What makes you a better candidate than the other applicants applying for a spot on the staff team?:
    I am extremely active and have lots of experience. I am better than the other candidates as I am very good with redstone. I can tell what cannons are what and if they are illegal or not which some people have no clue about. On top of this I am an early EU/AU player which most sever lacks with. I am used to deal with situations on my own at early times when I am the only staff member online.
    Who, or what, influenced you to apply for staff?:
    I have staffed with peg and ssme in the past so longshot was my first option for my next server to staff on as I work well with them. I have also been wanting to staff on a big faction size for a while now and this summer map was the perfect opportunity.
    How long have you been apart of the Longshot community?:
    I have played Longshots very first map and then their third map.
    Have you been issued any previous punishments on Longshot? If so, what were they?:
    I have been banned once, and that was for pvping on a 1v1 map which was considered manipulating the map.
    By responding 'YES' to this following question you agree that by asking a staff member to read your application will result in an instant denial.:
    Finally, tell us a little about yourself.:
    My name is Jamie, I have been staffing for around 2 or 3 years. I am good with redstone, screensharing and decision making.

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