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Mythical Pre-Release changes/content

Discussion in 'Development Updates' started by Larskei, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Oct 22, 2018
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    Mythical Development update/changes
    • Economy rework, economy will most likely become mining & farming based
    • 50+ Quests added for release content
    • Fixed ghost chunk errors, and chunk loading errors
    • Swapped to a different auction house, now the auctions are bidding only like a real auction house, new command to access it is /auc to view the auction house and /auc start to list an item
    • /report (player) (reason) added to report players breaking the rules
    • You can now warp to quests via your island menu /is
    • Currently in the process of adding outposts for sell & xp boosters as well as a certain amount of cash per 10 minutes for controlling the outposts.
    • Currently troubleshooting/fixing the new Anchors
    • Currently troubleshooting an issue where minions sometimes will not eat food from the food chests
    • Currently developing the Black Market auctions
    • Currently reworking and fixing Bedwars
    • Fixed duel certificates (Bets greater than $50,000 are worth 1 dust, and over $100,000 is worth 3)
    • Added 200+ duel arenas for greater player throughput, as well as making them larger
    • Removed the old duel arenas as players did not like them
    • Adding use for the portal in spawn
    • Created 2 new custom spawners (You will only be able to obtain them in the black market)
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