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Mythical Skyblock Plans

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Larskei, Mar 9, 2020.


What other possible content do you think we should do? (Pick 2)

  1. Cosmetic Pets

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  2. Super Pickaxes

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  3. Add a few more cities to Quests for more content

  4. Buyable & Placeable Schematics

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  5. Create more Minigames & Integrate them

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  6. Make Harvester Hoes

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  7. Make Sell Portals (Automatically Sells mobs when they fall into the portal)

  8. Make money generators

  9. Make voting worth Mystery Dust & Crate key

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  10. Make a Battlepass (With free & Paid version)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Larskei

    Larskei Owner
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    Oct 22, 2018
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    Longshot Mythical Plans

    Featured content already in game:

    • Minions (Butcher, Lumberjack, Farming, Mining)
    • Automatic Island generator upgrades (Your cobblestone generators will automatically upgrade when you achieve certain island level checkpoints)
    • Mystery Crates & Mystery Dust
    • Duels (Allows you to earn Mystery Dust)
    • Bedwars (Allows you to earn Mystery Dust)
    • The Pit (Allows you to earn Mystery Dust)
    • 4 Custom islands to choose from
    • 5 Different types of normal crates
    • 7 Mystery Crates (More to come in future updates, includes a rank crate)
    • 6 Different tiers of Armor in game (Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Atherial, Cursed, Dragon Scales)
    • 150+ Quests to complete that offer rewards for each one (About 25+ Hours of gameplay)
    • The Starting Quest City of Cidoria (More Cities will come in future updates)
    • War Event (Whoever gets the most kills in the Pit during this will have what they earned doubled)
    • Envoys (Inside the Pit, some rewards: Mystery Dust, Lumberjack Minion, Butcher Minion)
    • 75+ Custom enchants to pick from
    • Coin Flipper
    • Completely new economy rework
    • Boostable spawners (Must be unlocked)
    • Stackable Spawners (Up too 50x can be unlocked to up too 100x)
    • Massive server stability improvements.
    • Island world border options (Such as changing to color, or disabling completely)
    • Unlockable maximum hopper limit
    • Unlockable maximum island team limit
    Pre-Release content yet to be added:
    • Island bank
    • Chunk Anchors (Allow you to keep chunks loaded while you are away)
    • Sell Wands
    • Black market auction
    • Crophoppers/Chunk hoppers
    • Custom Item Spawners (Such as Emerald spawners)
    • All 12 of the Monthly Crates
    • Purchasable Shop sell/buy price boosters
    • Mounts (For Quests)
    • Lottery

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