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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Snipess, Jul 22, 2021.

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    What server are you applying for?:
    What is your current Minecraft username?:
    If any, what are your previous IGN's?:
    How old are you?:
    What is your timezone?:
    Do you own a working microphone?:
    Are you able to record and speak when necessary?:
    Please provide your discord name and discriminator.:
    Have you ever been banned on another Minecraft server before?:
    Yes, Hypixel for cheating and some other factions servers for breaking rules.
    Do you have previous experience with the process of screensharing? If you do, please explain to the best of your ability.:
    -Ask the player to join ss waiting room
    -Ask the player if they admit to cheating
    -make sure any clipping or recording software is off such as radeon, obs, or geforce
    -Go into the game and press Right Shift or keys that could be programed to hacked clients guis
    -Next press windows+r and type C:$RECYCLE.BIN then click veiw and options and turn on show hidden folders and turn off hide protected system files
    -check to see if the recylce bin has been cleared before the ss
    -check their mods folder for any mods going over the normal amount of storage
    -next press windows r and look up prefetch as most auto clickers show up in there
    -type %temp% in the run commands and if anything popped up and it was modified and wasn't minecraft usually you can ban.
    -Next download process hacker
    -look up javaw.exe and click properties and go into general this helps you see if when they launched minecraft.
    -look up explorer and click properties, and go to memory change Hide free regions so it is off then change the strings to 4 and make sure image and mapped is on
    -click contains(case sensitive) then look up .jar
    - you can also look up booter ddos stresser and well know clients in this
    --next search in exploer.exe PCACLIENT and click the first result and save it to desktop then you can look through and trace any weird files.
    -next look for strings in javaw.exe
    -you can also go to their web broswer such as chrome.exe in process hacker and search up things such as reach, vape, and other know clients
    -if you suspect them of using a booter search up stuff relating to ddosing
    -make sure to reset their process hacker after you are done with the ss so they do not block the strings you use.
    -look through powershell and search things such ass .jar .rar and .txt this is almost like a prefetch
    -the last thing I would do is go to regedit and go to their store folder and look for any weird names or hacked client names
    Have you had any previous moderation experience in a business, Minecraft server, or even real life? If so, please list the servers, businesses, and work you've participated in.:
    I was helper on Longshot a couple months ago but resigned so I could focus on final exams. I have also been helper on many smaller servers as well as I am the team captain for my soccer team. I also work alongside my friends in a landscape business that we started up.
    Why did you choose to apply for Longshot?:
    I chose to apply for Longshot because I wanted to come back to the community after taking a break.
    How will you becoming a member of the staff team positively effect the community?:
    I will be able to help people and stop people from doing stuff they are not supposed to do.
    What makes you a better candidate than the other applicants applying for a spot on the staff team?:
    Well I am a very good and kind hearted person and I am very nice to people and have lots of experience in factions
    Who, or what, influenced you to apply for staff?:
    The community and GodLikeZeus
    How long have you been apart of the Longshot community?:
    Around 3 months
    Have you been issued any previous punishments on Longshot? If so, what were they?:
    By responding 'YES' to this following question you agree that by asking a staff member to read your application will result in an instant denial.:
    Finally, tell us a little about yourself.:
    Im 16 and like playing minecraft and other games such as Rainbow six seige and CS:GO. I also like staffing on my favorite minecraft servers like this one!
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    Where is the detail...
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