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Pending ZachPvPs

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Zachary McLaurin, May 2, 2021.

  1. Zachary McLaurin

    Zachary McLaurin New Member

    May 2, 2021
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    What server are you applying for?:
    What is your current Minecraft username?:
    If any, what are your previous IGN's?:
    How old are you?:
    What is your timezone?:
    Na Cst
    Do you own a working microphone?:
    Are you able to record and speak when necessary?:
    Please provide your discord name and discriminator.:
    Have you ever been banned on another Minecraft server before?:
    Yes. (Breaking faction rules back in the day) Its been awhile. Nothing recently
    Do you have previous experience with the process of screensharing? If you do, please explain to the best of your ability.:
    Yes. I have avenge ss tool. I know how to ss without avenge also.
    Have you had any previous moderation experience in a business, Minecraft server, or even real life? If so, please list the servers, businesses, and work you've participated in.:
    Yes. In real life i am a paid firefighter. In minecraft i have been staff on man servers. Hyperia, DevoutPvP, ext.
    Why did you choose to apply for Longshot?:
    Im looking to do more than play the gamemode. Currently i am a staff memeber on crystal factions client but i would like to start staffing again on a server. I took a break from minecraft in general and now would like to staff staffing again.
    How will you becoming a member of the staff team positively effect the community?:
    I have been playing Minecraft for a around 5 years now so I am really familiar with the game. I have many reasons why I want to become staff. Firstly, I want to clean the community and make it a better place for everyone. I don't like seeing closet cheaters or blatant hackers running around the server and ruining the average players fun. Additionally, I want to become staff in order to help players in need. I see people in chat asking for help and I want them to be assured that they have someone watching their back and that someone is there to help them when they need it. I want to be there to help people in discord and in Teamspeak when they have any problem, no matter how small, whether it's about the server or any other aspect of their lives. I know how it feels to be waiting in teamspeak for an hour, and I know it's not nice. On top of this, from experience, I know that the staff are really kind on here, and I feel like I’d enjoy my experience here. Another reason I want to become staff is to keep the chat clean. Sometimes on servers, I see people verbally abusing others or and racist / homophobic. I think that the trash talking between factions is a given on any server, but some people cross the line and that should not be tolerated. Honestly, I would like to be able to put a stop to anyone who thinks this is okay and help LongShot stay a chill and kind community. I feel like I’m a very honest person and am able to leave personal issues behind and deal with business.
    What makes you a better candidate than the other applicants applying for a spot on the staff team?:
    I think I can show a lot of good things to this server. I want to show myself only from the good side, I wish only good to the server players and help them. I have a lot of experience in this business and I think I can achieve a lot thanks to this. My experience as a whole is about 5 years. During this period of time I have learned a lot of new things, and also learned a lot. A new server is a new experience and new impressions. I want to show what I am capable of and share my experience. Also, in addition to all this, I have a large online one that will help me not to miss a cheater or an intruder who will violate server rules or toxic in the chat. My online is almost all day long, I am very active on the forum in TeamSpeak, Discord. I am ready to help the players at any second. I will answer their questions and help solve their problems, I am able to find a common language with each of the players, I am ready to listen to them and understand their situation. I also like this server and I want to spend my time in favor of it. I would love to be accepted because I think I am the perfect person for this job. I have been staff so many times and I understand what staffing truly is. I haven't been staff for a short while and, to be honest, it's been really hard, because I absolutely love doing it. I am so passionate and hard working it's unreal. If I were to be accepted, I'd make sure I am professional and mature 110% of the time. I know when to have a laugh but I also know when I need to work hard. I treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion ... everything. I'd treat EVERYONE with the respect they deserve. Even if they are rude to me, I'd be calm and respectful and deal with it appropriately. Longshot will definitely blow up and it honestly already has. But it deserves a lot more players and I know it will get them, in all honesty, I'd love to be part of that and help players everyday!
    Who, or what, influenced you to apply for staff?:
    Nothing really influenced me. I just want to help people and do more than play factions. I have played it for so long that i just want to take a break and focus on a staff postions.
    How long have you been apart of the Longshot community?:
    2 months. I played on Longshot with a friend for a bit just messing around and having fun. I am very familiar with factions and staffing.
    Have you been issued any previous punishments on Longshot? If so, what were they?:
    By responding 'YES' to this following question you agree that by asking a staff member to read your application will result in an instant denial.:
    Finally, tell us a little about yourself.:
    Im 18 and just finished high school and my fire fighter academy. Im able to play about 5+ hours a day. I enjoy things like hunting, fishing, sports, guns, ext. :D
  2. Snipess

    Snipess New Member

    Apr 14, 2021
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    +0.75 Very descriptive
    Lacks on Factions Staff Info(What ranks you where ex:Mod,Admin)
  3. Meeler

    Meeler New Member

    Apr 15, 2021
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    public applications are gay.

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